Home Sanitisation Service

There is nothing like walking into a nice and clean home. Imagine seeing all furniture pieces arranged properly, surfaces wiped and dusted, and floors mopped and polished.
But why do we need to clean our homes regularly?
Is it because your impulses cannot stand seeing a messy room?
Well, everybody has their own reasons, but one thing that everyone should consider is their health.
Regular cleaning and sanitisation can help remove lingering bacteria and fungi. Even something as simple as disinfecting a room can prevent the spread of disease.
Aside from preventing the risks of infections, regular cleaning and sanitisation can also help increase the value of your property. A house that has been well taken care of will always have a positive market value.
To keep your home clean and sanitized, here are a few things you should do. These might seem simple, but they can go a long way in making sure that your family lives in a healthy environment.
CleanSensation fights hard against bacteria with our Home sanitisation Cleaning service, which goes beyond the scope of a standard cleaning service. Our cleaning professionals will come to your home with approved disinfecting cleaning supplies and come equipped with masks and gloves to sanitize your home.
To book a home sanitisation cleaning service with us simply select one of our Customised hourly rate or Standard rate service and then add as an extra the option home sanitization for only $35